Human Resource – Walking the tight Rope between Ethics and Duty

On subjects of values, cultures and ethics, I have often seen people talking big, tall and loud. But do they really mean it? In organizations, HR is considered as possessors of ethics and values of organization. Do they really take care of it? They are bothered about their job and their families as much as any other employee of organization. I have my doubts. Before you take out your 60 mm gun and shoot me, here are two real time incidents for you to consider.

ETHICS & HR in the line of Duty – The Point of No Return

E2The Point of NO RETURN

Rohit started interacting with Jhanvi to ask her about joining process, cost of living in Bangalore, good schools for his kids, company culture, etc. After a week or so, he told Jhanvi that he is going to put down his papers and will start winding up things for his relocation to Bangalore. In the process, he asked Jhanvi “You see, I need to pay my house EMI, school fee of kids, and relocating to Bangalore will be taxing. There will be lot of expense. Given the context, do you think I am making a good move by accepting this offer and relocating to Bangalore?

Jhanvi told Rohit that he is the best judge of your situation & explained him about the situation prevailing including that of salaries not being paid in full for the last 4 – months. Even the partial gets paid on expressing the desperation. Having said that she told Rohit to make a careful decision duly considering the background of the company situations, the fact of being a family man with commitments & the possibilities of promises being fulfilled that were made to him during the interview process.

In the evening, there was a message that flashed on the CEO’s mobile that triggered the point of NO RETURN: “Hello, this is Rohit. I am sorry to say but I will not be able to join your company due to unforeseen family commitments and problems. Thank you for your offer”. Jhanvi’s Ethics – Can it be questioned?

ETHICS & HR in the line of Duty – I thought you are a gentleman


Divya’s Onboarding

Assimilation process at DPL is of FIVE days. On last day of the induction process, which was also the last working day of the week, Ashutosh took his team for “Wine n Dine” at one of the famous clubs in the city. Divya was reluctant to go for get together as she had some other commitment but Ashutosh managed to convince her otherwise. And the following two days…..she didn’t come to office.

What’s in the Air?

There were few stories circulating in the office regarding “Wine n Dine” party of Ashutosh. On that day, Divya didn’t come to the office; apparently it appears that she has sent a message to Ashutosh to tell him about her sickness.

On inquiry, Arun came to understand that Divya was sexually abused and harassed by Ashutosh, who was drunk and out of control at the party. He encroached into her privacy & tried to be physical with her touched her. It seems he forcefully tried to kiss her while She managed to escape. And as she was leaving the party half-way through, he screamed at her & threatened her to face dire consequences.

I thought you are a gentleman

As the COO advised Arun to inquire about Divya’s attendance to the office, he called her only to listen to the ‘heart of a woman’ that’s dying from the deep of her senses. Arun went speechless as she asked him:

The other day, when I called you, why didn’t you tell me about this side of Ashutosh? You knew everything about him, right? Why you did this to me? I thought you are a gentleman

At the end of the 30th day of association, the other four women also left the organization….and once again Arun has got the mandate to “Source & Acquire the taste of the COO”. However the question here remains,

  • Being aware by what he heard, do you think Arun is right in continuing to hire women employees in Ashutosh’s team?
  • Is duty bound Arun ethically accountable to whatever happened or going to happen next?

Composed By: Sanjeev Himachali

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