While working in our offices or workplaces, we often come across experiences and incidents which become stories. Stories, we like to share or discuss with our families, friends and other colleagues. Some of these stories are inspiring and motivating while others are disturbing and painful.

We invite you to share your stories with us. Irrespective of your function, role and responsibilities, industries, cultures and gender, you can share your experiences and stories with us and we will share it with those who can learn from it on our website. You can share experiences related to your job interviews, job induction or orientation, relationships with your colleagues, reporting managers, other departments, clients, and customers. These experiences can be about your growth in your organization, your performance appraisals, team development, training programs, problems, crisis, office communication and anything unique or different. Send your stories to us at sanjeev.himachali@hrtales.com or sanjeev.himachali@gmail.com . You can also call us at +91-8149007976.

This is not a place to complain. We will not give solutions. This is not a place to bash your management or HR. We will not provide counseling. Share it in the way it has happened and not what could or should have happened.