What is the employee experience?

What is an employee experience platform? It's a tool HR leaders use to manage the most important aspects of their company's employee experience in a single place, including goals, feedback, and recognition. And it can transform your people management. So let's dive into how.

The employee experience is an employee's total experience (i.e., perceptions, emotional and intellectual stimulation, and challenges) of every touchpoint in their employee life cycle, including career growth, workload, company culture, and relationships with peers, managers, and leadership.

How it works better, together those touchpoints include a complex array of overlapping human resources programs, such as continuous performance management, recognition and rewards, surveys, and more. In short: the processes, people, and programs that make up an employee's day-to-day experience in your company.

The specifics vary from company to company, and even from one employee's experience to another. But at the heart, you can find the same four pillars at the heart of every employee experience.

Key Takeaways

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Connection: The relationship between you and manager, team members, leadership, and your company's mission and values.

Meaningful impact: Your sense that your work matters — to your company, to you, and to the world at large.

Appreciation: Knowing your work has value and being recognized and rewarded for your contributions.

Growth: Learning opportunities, continuous feedback, and ongoing support for career development.

When all four of these pillars are present, your workforce is inspired and aligned, and your employees will thrive.

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November 2021