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“Every experience is unique. Every journey is a learning experience.” This is the core foundation of HRTales. We are workplace storytellers.

How was your job search experience? How did you feel on your first day at work? What did you want to say when someone took credit for your work?

Do you know how your interview was assessed and analysed by the interviewer and what was the feedback to HR?

Do you know how you are perceived by your team members? Do you know what happened behind closed doors when you offered your resignation?

Do you know….

How did you feel…

There are at least TWO versions of every story and we are presenting both versions to you. We are connecting the dots.

We are not lecturing you about right or wrong or taking sides. We are here to listen to you and help you broadcast your experience.

Your story is worth telling because your journey is inspirational. We want to give your perspective to the listener.

HRTales is presenting a story – Your version of the story.


Connecting and inspiring people through workplace stories. What we ask for, we get. Therefore, ask the right questions.


When we tell a story with data, we create a shared human experience. Stories help us understand other people and their perspectives.


We don’t know everything. We are not expected to know everything. Ask for help. Talk to experts. Read their stories.

Advisory Board

Kasturi Cotha

Head HR, Bengaluru

Taylor and Francis Group

Komal Singh

Director HR, APAC and EMEA


Meghna Kumbhat

HR Business Partner

Koch Global Services India

Pallavi Jain

Principal HR Business Partner

Mercer Consulting India

Pavithra Urs

Associate Director, People Operations


Shilpi J Singh

Global HR Business Lead, R&D


Varshini Iyer

HR Business Partner, US Commercial

Bristol Myers Squibb