8 Ways New-Age Technology is Impacting Talent Acquisition

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Let’s not forget the fact that we are swiftly inching ahead to a tech revolution where the line between technologies and human intelligence is getting blurred out certainly for good. A vision toward the conglomeration of technological and artificial intelligence has undoubtedly piqued a lot of interests in the field of talent acquisition as well.

Beneficial as they seem, the modern technologies contain within them possibilities galore to improve the process of recruitment.

1. Mobile Apps Bridging the Gaps between Recruiters and Candidates –

Delivering information is a very challenging part of the process of talent acquisition. The importance of a seamless communication is paramount when it comes to ensuring that only the best candidates are getting chances to opt for a job role. To build better interaction channels, the recruiters are making a beeline for mobile applications. Mobile apps have made the recruitment process a lot easier minus any unnecessary investments about resources and efforts. Also, collecting resumes or handling candidates’ information is no longer a tough nut to crack as the recruiters are sealing the deal with new-age technologies.

2. Social Media Has Streamlined the Process of Recruitment –

Being the fastest evolving branch of talent acquisition, social recruitment has already caused a stirring ripple worldwide. Over the past few years, the influence of social media has witnessed an incredibly staggering hike. Acknowledging this fact, the recruiters have begun to implement different social media platforms in their talent acquisition procedures. The recruiters are now able to explore more about their intended candidates, courtesy their social media accounts that are filled to the brim with their personal and professional information. Also, the process of targeted marketing via Instagram, Facebook, etc. has made it easier for different organizations to reach out to more people.

3. Data Keeping Has Become Easier with Cloud –

Gone are the days when data keeping used to be deemed as a weak spot for the HR departments, all thanks to cloud storage. These days, only random information of candidates is stored on different physical devices. Nowadays, most of the crucial databases are being safely kept in the cloud. One of the best parts of using cloud storage is the fact that it’s a way more cost-effective than buying, running and safe-keeping various hard devices.

4. Big Data Can Help Understand Candidates’ Needs –

Amongst a legion of new-age technologies claiming to fame, the big data will always stand out. Providing different organizations with an impressive influx of data, the HR specialists can now draw better and clearer images of their candidates. Apart from being connected to the analytics of talent acquisition, big data can also help recruiters obtain a thorough understanding of their candidates’ requisites. Hiring the right talents for an organization always pivots around efficiency. The more data recruiters will have at their disposals, the bigger their margin for mistakes will remain.

5. AI Has Eased the Interview Process –

Artificial Intelligence aka AI has deeply penetrated into a variety of industries over the past few years. The field of recruitment in particular has been immensely benefited from intelligent technologies. One of the main objectives of including AI in talent acquisition is to augment the recruitment procedures and boost workflow. AI is capable of making talent acquisition a lot more agile, effective and efficient procedure. Several concerns such as candidate experience, outreach, and data analytics, candidates’ profiles, etc. can be solved with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

6. Candidate Engagement has Become Better with Chatbots –

As automated interactive agents, chatbots have successfully earned kudos by conferring a splendiferous experience. Backed by NLP and AI capabilities, the recruitment chatbots have ushered breakthrough results in talent acquisition. A recruitment chatbot can spell benefits galore, from screening candidates’ applications to scheduling their interviews to resolving their queries and enhancing their overall experiences.

7. Hiring Time Has Been Reduced by Leaps and Bounds –

Owing to their abilities to scan millions of resume databases in a shorter time frame, the recruitment bots are making great strides all across the globe. With cutting-edge technologies and machine learning tools, the recruiters can now search a legion of CVs in a fraction of time. Hence, the process of talent acquisition can now be measured in days or even in hours. It means that the time of recruiting from different events or campus grounds can be minimized with technologies and machine-based tools.

8. Global Reach Has Been Broadened to Find Potential Candidates –

The recruiters are no longer restricted to the files of known applicants or newspaper distributions. Owing to the monumental technological advancements, it has become easier to tap into a more diverse talent pool the world across. So, it won’t be exaggerating to state that technologies have not only made it less difficult to apply for different jobs, but it has also eased out the process of finding the right talents from every nook and cranny of the world. To find the skilled and qualified candidates, the recruiters are now scanning the applicants’ details on professional network sites such as Linkedin, etc.

Finally –  

There’s no denying the fact that recruitment and talent sourcing revolves around a lot of hard work. On top of this, skill as well as talent shortages are widespread. Thanks to the colossal tech revolution that has unveiled a fresh wave of recruitment strategies, which has streamlined the process of talent acquisition to a great extent. Owing to machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., modern workforces are witnessing a great deal of improvements as well.

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